Monday, March 13, 2017

Mammals from Mars.

There's a squirrel on Mars!

As reported in that stalwart organ of honest reportage, England's Sunday Express, NASA followers spotted this small fuzzy squirrel-like rodent in a 2012 surface shot by the Curiosity Rover. In fact, this story is five years old, and I can't believe it's only now being brought to my attention.

Obviously there's a cover-up.

If you need more proof, just consider this:

So it's clear there is some connection. 

Some questions remain, of course, despite this evidence:

1) Is this a photo of a native Martian creature? 

2) Was it an Earth squirrel shot up there by NASA... or abducted from Earth by aliens?

It was Dave Barry's blog that brought this story to my attention. Barry, of course, is a longtime chronicler of squirrels' war on humanity, and he and his commenters suggested more possible scenarios to this horrifying reality:

1) The squirrels have their own space program

2) The squirrels are in league with the Martians to enslave Earth

3) Squirrels are Martians and have been working against us this whole time, disguised as cute arboreal critters

All these possibilities are bad, but the solution is clear: We need more dogs. Dogs are not good at climbing, but sometimes these "squirrels" don't get away.

Keep alert, and keep watching the trees. The truth is up there.

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