Sunday, July 3, 2016

You don't meme it!

Normally the amount of time it takes between going online and seeing something stupid can be measured in picoseconds. And normally I just brush it off.

For some reason, or rather reasons, this little bit of self-affirmation made me angry.

Why did this infuriate me? Oh, let's have a look.

1) It's a bad idea to taunt the devil. The devil is smarter and meaner than any human being. He'll get you one way or another. Even Faust couldn't outsmart the devil. You have to call in help or you are doomed.

2) Smart as he is, though, apparently the devil failed third-grade grammar.

3) Obviously this is another piece celebrating badassery, which I am on record as opposing. Why? See next note.

4) I don't even know for sure what this means. "I am the storm." So from the initial sentence we gather the storm = problems; so therefore you are problems? If you're causing problems, you're making life difficult for others, and therefore you're probably working for the devil, even though you think you aren't. I expect far more of us than we know are actually doing his job for him, and without pay, too. Starting to look more like a dumbass than a badass, Slick.

5) What's with the stupid skull? Shouldn't it be a devil face? Or is it you? In that case, you're clearly dead and have been so a while.

Nope, the only proper response to something like this is to give them Sophisticated Cat:


Fred Key said...

P.S.: Mr. Philbin notes, if you can't beat your brother-in-law at Monopoly, don't expect to beat the devil at anything.

Steve Ryan said...

Know what makes me mad about that, Fred?

Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E! Aaaaargh!!!!

Happy 4th of July to all the Vitamin Fredsters!