Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to be wrong.

Here's my favorite way of being wrong:

1) Notice that someone else is failing to live up to reasonable expectations, or otherwise doing poorly at this or that, or is actively antagonistic.

2) Suffer in silence, showing superhuman endurance and patience, for as long as several minutes.

3) Go berserk.

This is what I did yesterday, mad as hell about a wayward contractor who seemed to be living up to the contractors' code of Not Showing Up When Promised.

So what happened?

Today he showed up, got the job done perfectly and faster than expected, then charged me less than his original estimate.

That's me!

Obviously I need to change my attitude. I have to stop being Mr. Judgey McJudgerface all the time. And I need to stop being pessimistic in my attitude toward others.

Here's more proof! Just on Tuesday I was krexing about the poor job of road maintenance our local government was doing, offering photos of the road crumbling around the storm drains. Well, here's a before-and-after for you!

How about that! Just two days later and they've filled it in. Clearly the job is not complete, but they're doing something about it.

I could say "Fred Gets Results!" and claim that my blogging got the contractor motivated to show up and work, got the roads department to start working on those holes. But no, that's just coincidence, not cause. I underestimated these fine, fine workmen, and now I have to admit I was Mr. Wrong.

Oh, let's also see how they fixed the gaping hole by the other storm drain!


WHAT? That's IT? They just stuck a new cone in the hole? THAT'S RIDICULOUS! These people are MORONS! It's NEVER GOING TO GET FIXED! What a PILE OF LOAFERS and IDIOTS! GAAAAAH!

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