Saturday, March 5, 2016

Inside out.

Clash of the snacks. But this is more than just a battle of taste. This is a battle of philosophy.

In this corner, ConAgra-owned H.K. Anderson's pretzel nuggets filled with peanut butter:

And in this corner, Hormel-owned Skippy's P.B. Bites, peanut butter nuggets filled with, uh, pretzel:

Two tasty snacks, both with the great taste of peanut butter and pretzel. But they are opposites. PB inside/pretzel outside vs. pretzel inside/PB outside.

Each is the yin to the other's yang. Identical, yet completely different.

Can a person hate one and love the other? How? And yet, how could one love both, as one is the inside-out version of the other?

But can they really be that different? Perhaps this is one of those "Last Battlefield" Trek things?

At what level are they the same? In what realm are they different? Can one repel, one attract? Is one the normal, the other the obverse? Converse? Inverse? And what about Combos, huh? No one's even considered how Combos work into this.

Would one be unable to choose, and be caught between them like Buridan's ass, starving? Or just scoff them all down like a Colorado stoner?

Can one possibly reject one, and keep the other?

Yes. My wife liked the Anderson nuggets better. Says the Skippy ones are too sweet.

See, this is why most philosophers are men. Women take all the fun out of it.

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