Monday, March 7, 2016

Why I'm staying Lawful Good.

This is making the geek rounds, although I don't know where it originated:

This appears to be an easy way to start your super villain career. It happens all the time: You graduate from Villain School, and you suddenly realize you haven't given a lot of thought to how you intend to establish your evilness and become a public enemy. "Should I be a wicked genius, like Lex Luthor? A space pirate, like Amalak? A mighty sorcerer, like Mordru? A big pile of goo like the Blob? Or just a random creep, like Paste Pot Pete?"

Well, wonder no more! With this handy chart, you can determine your name, using your real first, last, and middle names, and the date of your birth.

I, for example, am... let's see here...

Strike Fist, the Pestilence of Earth! 



Maybe I'll just skip the villainy for now. Seems like a lot of work anyway.

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