Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sucks to be Yoo-Hoo?

Halloween is coming, and I would never dream of giving the kiddies something of which I had not approved. It just wouldn't be right.

To that end, I sampled something odd:

Something new this year, the Yoo-Hoo flavored chocolate candy.

You may not be familiar with Yoo-Hoo beverages, as I have heard that they did not escape the clutches of thirsty New Yorkers and other Northeasterners for many years. I remember it being mentioned to that effect on an episode of The Tracy Ullman Show back in the stone age; Dan Castellaneta played a weenie who was in love with Tracy from their childhood on the East Coast, and imported Yoo-Hoo in case she ever reappeared in his life.

Yoo-Hoo was developed to be a chocolate soft drink that did not require refrigeration. I think it's delicious, or at least I did, as I have not had a bottle in probably more than a decade. I was sad when they discontinued the vanilla flavored Yoo-Hoo, but that's life. It still comes in strawberry, though.

Funny that it should come out this year; I had just been thinking about Yoo-Hoo. Yogi Berra, who passed away on September 22, was a pitchman for the stuff for years. Once a woman asked if "Yoo-Hoo" was hyphenated. He said, "No, ma'am, it's not even carbonated."

To be fair to this candy, I should have bought a bottle of Yoo-Hoo to see if it tasted like the beverage, but I didn't. I have to say the chocolate was a little weird, but then Yoo-Hoo, being thinner than chocolate milk, was always a little weird too, a sort of non-carbonated egg cream. I think this candy was a fair approximation.

But it could have been better. The company that made this treat is Palmer, signified by the cutest candy logo in town:
Which also gives away the game. Palmer makes a bazillion great-looking low-quality chocolate Easter bunnies. And that's fine; the small kids don't turn up their noses at a giant chocolate bunny because it's not Teuscher. But a discriminating adult might. So is the Yoo-Hoo good enough for my valued trick-or-treaters?

I may have to buy a sack and eat a few more to find out. Then of course the question becomes not "Is it good enough for my trick-or-treaters?" but "Will it make it to any of my trick-or-treaters?"

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