Monday, June 8, 2015

Yet more sugar.

Never been a big fan of the Chips Ahoy! cookie. Its shortbread-like cookie seemed too hard and crumbly and even dusty; its chocolate, not very flavorful. And yet somehow I got suckered in again to Dunkin' Donuts latest criminal enterprise: the Chips Ahoy! doughnuts. Specifically the Chips Ahoy! Creme Donut.

What is it? It's a chocolate-covered doughnut with pieces of broken Chips Ahoy! on top, filled with Chips Ahoy! flavored creme. Which doesn't tell you much about the creme. I found that it did have a taste of a chocolate chip cookie, but was extremely runny and painfully sweet.

There's also a Chips Ahoy! Crunch Donut, which is a little more sane -- it's a regular chocolate-iced doughnut with broken cookie pieces on it. No filling. It was not so sweet that it whaled on you with sugar. And the Dunkin' Donuts chocolate more than makes up for any deficiencies of the Chips Ahoy! chocolate.

My larger concern is this move by Dunkin' to make doughnuts out of popular cookies, like the disappointing square Oreo cheesecake doughnut. It may seem like a good idea at first, but it will end in tears. The Lorna Doone Doughnut will turn people off. The Archway Oatmeal Cookie Doughnut will be problematic. The Stella D'Oro Breakfast Treat Cookie Doughnut will send people running to Starbucks. The Canned Danish Butter Cookie Doughnut will make people scream and demand refunds. The Dry Italian Bakery Cookie That Tastes Like Licorice And Sawdust Doughnut will result in closed franchises.

Trust me, Dunkin' Donuts; reverse this trend before it leads to Spam Doughnuts. That's the kind of crossover from which no one recovers.

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