Friday, June 5, 2015

Benefits of self-employment.

I've been self-employed as a writer and an editor for some time now, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone sane. A friend of mine who writes out of his home office for newspapers says that it's ideal for him because "I don't play well in the sandbox with others."

Lately I've been doing most of my work at home too, rather than visiting client offices, and it definitely has its advantages. The dog is happy that I'm around to take him out and play with him all the time. I can sleep a little later... although the dog doesn't let me sleep late anyway---time, tide, and pee wait for no man. And yes, I can work in my PJs, although as it happens I sleep in a three-piece suit and necktie.

Of course, there are downsides to it as well. Some days the work dries up. Dry spells seldom last long, and they give me time to work on my own books. But being an overdramatic creative type, I quickly become convinced that I must have screwed something up, my name has been dragged through the mud, and I'll never work in publishing again. It doesn't help if the bills are piling up at the same time.

All that said, there are a few reasons I've found to enjoy being self-employed, and I'm glad to share them with you:

  • Who's employee of the month this month? Why... it's ME again!
  • Never have a problem finding a parking space
  • I've tried to lay me off, but I just don't have the heart
  • No one has ever stolen my red Swingline
  • At office parties, I get to eat all the cookies
  • Staff meetings take less than 30 seconds
  • Never have to fill out a self-evaluation

So there are advantages to this work arrangement, for those brave, independent, misanthropic souls willing to go for it. It helps that I didn't get into a field like automobile manufacturing, which would be difficult to do out of my home.

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