Friday, June 19, 2015

The Phone Books Are Here!

Remember when that was a big deal?

Yep, not so much now.

When we moved into our current house, the county phone book was almost three inches thick at the spine. We got the new one last week---maybe half an inch. Pull out the pizzeria and lawyer ads and you basically got a flyer.

Ripping a phone book in half used to make a very manly show of virility. Now it looks like something that could be done by an anemic Wally Cox with the flu.

"I got dis."
Everyone's using the Internet to find listings instead of the phone book now. No one gets excited when a new phone book gets dropped off in the driveway anymore. Seems that there are two kinds of people now: people who put the phone book right in the recycling bin, and people who check the coupons first.

Actually, there is a third kind. One guy who lives around here doesn't bother to take in the phone books or even throw them out. He just leaves them where they sit to rot, like hanged pirates in London, carcasses left on public display as a warning to the rest.

Pour encourager les autres. Keep moving, bub.
All I can tell you is that when the new ones came around last week, it didn't appear that one was left for him. So I guess it worked.

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