Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Didn't know they even made these.

Okay, I know it's been a parade of candy lately, but I didn't eat everything all at once, or even over the course of a week. Well, I might have, but that's between me and my pants.

Charleston Chews are usually found in vanilla, sometimes in chocolate, but I had no idea they came in strawberry.

Still, isn't that the Great Triumvirate of flavors? Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry? But strawberry was always the weaker member, at least in Neapolitan ice cream (a.k.a. harlequin, according to Wikipedia). Only one member of our family preferred strawberry, and she didn't live with us. The rest of us split between chocolate and vanilla.

You can argue which of those two is king. Chocolate is the one that supposedly does all kinds of healthy things and makes you feel all gaga, but vanilla repeatedly reigns supreme as an ice cream flavor. Vanilla is the best-known flavor of Charleston Chew, but then, all three flavors come covered in chocolate, so maybe that's the real draw. Vanilla Yoo-hoo was a failure, but chocolate and strawberry are still around.

Anyway, the strawberry Charleston Chew was tasty, totally artificial but really tasted like strawberry. I wondered if Tootsie Roll, which makes them, was going to spring some other hitherto unknown flavors on us, like pistachio, artichoke, or anchovy. But no; Tootsie's site confirms just the three Triumvirate flavors. Wikipedia says marshmallow and banana are former flavors. So at least I don't have to feel obliged to eat those.

And that's fine with me. I've come to appreciate strawberry ice cream, but the only thing banana-flavored I like is bananas.

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