Saturday, November 15, 2014

Six Flags over cleanliness!

We got snow yesterday, and a pal from Texas was jealous. Well, I can understand that. I'd rather be cold some of the time than hot all of the time.

But there are advantages to southern living. For example, in the south, the amusement parks never close. Six Flags Over Texas is doing its Holiday Sale right now. Six Flags Great Adventure (a.k.a. Six Flags Over Jersey) is saying "See you in April 2015!"

Great Adventure tries to keep the action going by doing Halloween stuff until November 2, but that's it. Too cold. Only outlet malls can keep people walking around in the cold weather for any length of time, and that's only because they don't have to stand on lines to get in the stores.

So no rides at all. About the closest thing we get to an amusement park ride from November to April is the Wet & Wild House of Soap:


THRILL! to the big blanket strip things that rub over your car! SHRIEK! as the water sprays and you wonder if you closed the windows all the way! CRY FOR MOMMY! as the big brushes go wubba wubba wubba! CURSE! as you realize you don't have any singles to tip the towel guys!

It's pretty lame for a ride, but it's still hugely popular. Road salt eats cars. So the House of Soap gets mobs all winter long. No funnel cakes, though.

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