Sunday, March 26, 2017

Old blog, new tricks.

Approximately 1,038 days ago -- actually exactly that many, since that's how many entries I've done on this Blogger site -- I left my old blog behind on Why? Because, despite its name, is the worst site ever created for blogging. Mostly because it does not work. Only found out now that the Better Business Bureau has straight-up flunked it for "Failure to respond to 5 complaint(s) filed against business". I get the feeling that a couple of stoners snagged the URL in the 90's expecting to be bought out for millions, money that never came.

The site would crash, sometimes my page, sometimes everything. Half the time you either couldn't upload pictures, or when you did they wouldn't display. When I finally had enough I left a sign on the site directing people here, and left the free part of the site up. But now everything is down. It would appear that is no longer a going concern. 

I'm rather annoyed by this. Not because my old site was a marvel of unsurpassed brilliance. Even I'm not so beguiled by myself as to think that. In fact, I didn't back up all that much of it because the content was topical, or consisted of reviews of things from the dollar store, or was just stuff that was fun at the time but didn't seem like something I would want in my papers at my university library after my passing.

But there are some things I backed up, which I may trickle out just so that they once again appear somewhere online. Stuff like how I got to be such an awesome cartoonist:

 My opinion of Twitter:

And my answer to the Buddy Cop movie:

I hope you'll bear with me if you see any familiar retreads in the weeks ahead. Some of my old gags are like my wee little children, and I hate to see them vanish. 

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