Sunday, January 22, 2017

What does winter taste like?

What does winter taste like?

Dunkin' Donuts seems to think they know. 

I guess this is my weekend to blog about sugar -- proof that I did not make new year's resolutions, eh?

So: What is Dunkin' Donuts on about here?

We who are addicted to their coffee know of Dunkin's long history of seasonal doughnuts. I've even addressed the topic in the past. In New York they sponsor both the Giants and the Jets, so when football season rolls around they have doughnuts in both team colors. In spring they've done doughnuts frosted in pastels. For holidays like Valentine's Day one usually finds red doughnuts, maybe one plain with a red frosting and one filled with something red. 

But here we are in January. Christmas is over. The Giants and the Jets are playing golf. Valentine's Day is weeks away. Dunkin' Donuts needed to find something seasonal to do.

I have been resisting the siren call of their wares, but I got to wondering what winter frosting would taste like -- ice? snow? rock salt? Eskimo Pies? Crystal Pepsi

Let's find out!

And the verdict is... winter frosting tastes just like Dunkin' Donuts' standard vanilla frosting with food coloring. The same frosting that they use for the football teams, the spring doughnuts, other holiday doughnuts, and their standard vanilla frosted doughnut. That last one normally has sprinkles rather than drizzle. but otherwise they're identical, minus the food coloring.

To be fair, Dunkin' called these "Winter Frosted," not "Winter-Frosted." With the hyphen it would mean "frosted by winter" or perhaps "frosted by Edgar Winter." Without the hyphen it could mean anything; frosted in a winter style, frosted during winter, frosted while thinking about skiing, and so on.

I don't recall seeing Summer Frosted Donuts, but they should consider some. Orange would be a good color for that, right? Bright yellow is more springy. Autumn's totally given over to pumpkin these days, so that's a lost cause. Maybe they could consider a Tax Season doughnut. It'd be just a third of a doughnut and taste like rue.

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