Monday, January 9, 2017

Fee Fi Fo Dumb.

Oh, well. The Giants took a mediocre season and gave us a fun run. Shouldn't complain too much. 

No matter how good your team is, most of the time they're going to come up short. Yankees fans love to brag about their team's 27 World Series championships, but not the 13 World Series that they lost, let alone the 72 that had no Yankees in them at all.

During the Giants-Packers game I was embarrassed by dropped balls (I mean footballs) (shut up) and stupid special teams play, but you have to let it go. Now it's time to root for the Packers against the Enemies of All That Is Good and the Texans against the Other Enemies of All That Is Good. I do not want to see a Cowboys/Pats Super Bowl. I would have to root for cancellation due to a gas leak that sickens both teams and causes massive explosive diarrhea on worldwide TV. Kind of Super Bowl as Seth Rogen movie.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep apparently used the occasion of getting some kind of statuette to attack the president-elect, because we all love it when politics insinuates itself into every goddamn thing in the world, and the half of the country that voted for Trump loves to be told they are stupid and/or evil. You know why we have Trump, Meryl? That's why we have Trump, Meryl. Thanks for ensuring his reelection.

I'd rather watch every game the Giants lost this year in full telecast than fifteen minutes of celebrity adulation. At least the Giants were trying to not suck.

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