Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Congratulations on your purchase of this Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred! Please read all instructions and use only as directed.


1. Open the blog page.

2. Read.

User agrees to use the Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred Web site at his own risk. Neither Frederick Key nor any other partners present or future will be held liable for any problems caused by the Web site, either technical, medical, or philosophical in nature, stemming from the software used to create and post the page and its contents, or from Fred's advice or cooking instructions. Replicating any of Fred's activities may result in injury or humiliation and must be undertaken at one's own risk. Items appearing on Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred are property of Frederick Key and may be linked but may not be duplicated, photocopied, scanned, distributed, or mimeographed (even though you think the paper is going to get you high but it isn't), or otherwise reproduced in any way, lest you be insulted, pummeled, whacked, or whined at. Do not steal ideas. Do not fail to call your mother. Do not put hot sauce in your eye. Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of this blog, without the express written consent of Vitamin Fred, is prohibited. Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred is not an actual vitamin; do not attempt to take, with or without food, with or without the advice of your doctor. Blog is not liable for accidental deployment of airbags during the operation of this site. Prosecution will follow any attempt to disrupt, infiltrate, or "hack" this site, especially if it is done in a movie or TV show by a good-looking person staring at the screen while rattling the keyboard at random and claiming "I'm in." This site is not affiliated in any way with any manufacturer of vitamins, dog products, cookbooks, food, cooking products, holiday decorations, religious paraphernalia, health equipment for geezers, or entertainment, unless you consider this entertainment. Do not attempt to smoke or chew this Web site. It is not possible to contact this blogger by yelling at the screen so do not try to do so, especially at work. Do not use this site as a flotation device. Do not go breakin' my heart. This is a general purpose site and accepts no responsibility for disappointment caused by your thinking it was a health information site, a yarn craft site, or a blog about Mongolian cuisine. Irritation caused by this site tends to be mild and is known to fade within minutes of finding something productive to do. Calamine lotion may help. If reaction persists for more than 24 hours, see a doctor. Any problems, compliments, complaints, or spam with promises of Nigerian millions or manhood increasing pharmaceuticals may be addressed to frederick_key at Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred takes no responsibility for anything, so do not ask it to wash the dishes. It's not happening. Use this site at your own risk, No lifeguard on duty. This has been a Mark VII production. 

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