Thursday, November 24, 2016

So? Eat!

I love Thanksgiving. It doesn't wander around the week like a hobo; it's always on Thursdays. We don't have to have Thanksgiving (traditional) and Thanksgiving (observed) so we can move it to the weekend.

In years gone by I've taken this space to express my thanks on Thanksgiving for the many blessings I have been so lucky to enjoy on this day and throughout my life.

Not this year! I'm just a-writing about the FOOD!

Yes, I thoroughly enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. I've eaten it various relatives' homes, in my home, in restaurants, everywhere, and it's always been good. Yeah! Thanksgiving! Woo!

What part's the best? Turkey? Stuffing? Fruit salad? (early dessert) Cranberry sauce? (intermediate dessert) Candied yams? (major intermediate dessert) Pie? (dessert dessert) All of the above!

Especially the pie!

Ta da!
Now, you may have some questions. Like, why does an expert on food like Fred go for a store-bought pie? And why does this pumpkin pie have a crust on top? And what the hell kind of pie costs only a dollar?

Well, we'll answer the third question first:

Pie's kinda small.
The pie you see comes from Table Talk, "America's Favorite Pie," a New England staple. They've been around since 1924, making pies and little handheld snack pies like this since Fruit Pie the Magician was a piebaby.

They say that their little "kraft bakery box pies" have the same flavor as their full-size pies, but I can't find any pictures of their full-size pumpkin pies. I will assume that they too have the top crust. But: Why?

I guess it's a hole in my pie education. I've never had a two-crust pumpkin pie, or two-crust any custard pie, and I didn't know people made them. Apparently they do, but I'm not the only one who is surprised.

So that's your Thanksgiving pie? you ask. A tiny two-crust store-bought pumpkin pie?

Nah. I ate that a day or so ago. We're actually doing the Libby's pumpkin roll.

So how was the Table Talk pie?

Meh, sorry to say, not so good. The filling was low on flavor and also low under the crust. Seemed to be a big puff of air underneath. I am sure that the Table Talk fruit pies are great---hey, if I could like the Hostess pies I'd like anyone's---but their pumpkin didn't do it for me. Maybe there's a reason Hostess never sold a pumpkin pie.

In parting, let me wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving, with warm and joyful moments and reminders of all the blessings you have had in your life too. If you don't feel well, be glad you're still with us (I am). If you have to work, be grateful for the dignity of honest employment. If you are alone, be grateful for the peace and quiet to contemplate what the day is all about. If you are stuck with relatives you can't stand, be grateful for the patience to endure them. If you have to eat a McDonald's Hot Apple Pie for your feast, be grateful they don't make Hot Kale Pies. And if you live someplace (as my French fans do!), where they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, well, everyone has something for which to be grateful. And if you can't think of anything, drop me a line at frederick_key, courtesy of, and I'll see if I can help.

We'll be back here tomorrow, not shopping on Black Friday. If you go shopping on Black Friday, let me know to which hospital I should send the flowers.

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