Thursday, October 27, 2016

Run, Woolly!

And now, 13 seconds with everyone's favorite worm, Woolly Bully.

Determined little chap, isn't he?

And it isn't just because the puppy was trying to eat him as I was recording this. The worm was in a hurry before we encountered him.

Generally I frown on the dogs consuming a lot of insects. You don't know where they've been. Also, Nipper's uncle enjoyed eating hummingbirds, and I maintain that if you start consuming cabbage flies you end consuming hummingbirds. I like hummingbirds and have no desire to clean up dog crap with little beaks in it.

But back to our fuzzy friend, the worm. Colorful and carefree, the woolly bully is a favorite of schoolkids everywhere. It is also the focus of the "Woolly Worm Festival" held each October in Beattyville, Kentucky, and more power to them. Of course, as I noted last year, and in the spring, it's a myth that the thickness of the woolly bully coat is an accurate predictor of the depth of the forthcoming winter. For that matter, last year's woolly bear seemed to be indicating a ferocious winter, and instead we got one of the mildest since we moved north of the city. So I decline to make any predictions based on my pileous pal above.

Practical use or not, I root for you, Pyrrharctia isabella, my little lepidoptera love, and even if you eat sweaters as in the spring you fly about (I have no idea) I shall keep the dogs from eating you. I'm also not getting a hummingbird feeder.

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