Thursday, October 20, 2016

Drunken Octopus, part 1.

We've probably all seen drunken octopus, if not on the inside of our own bathroom doors, then certainly via the Internet meme:

That little x-eyed sucker is itching for a fight, and someone's got to deal with it.

Since that started making the rounds, we'll never look at robe hooks the same way.

I was impressed by something I saw in the Home Depot the other day, while I was actually looking for some octopus hooks:

Yep, up with standard clothing hooks was one designed to actually look like a real octopus. It's interesting to find this kind of thing at Home Depot, which does not expend a lot of rack space on whimsical touches. Barring holiday decor, they tend to leave that kind of thing to Bed, Bath and Beyond and other, more froufrou places, and concentrate on the building stuff. Sturdy hooks, not cute hooks. Simple shower curtain rings, not shower curtain rings shaped like starfish. Plain white switch plates by the gross, not switch plates like this:

Yep, BBB.
But sure enough, you can get the Young House Love branded octo-hook on the Home Depot site, if you're so inclined. (More on Young House Love here.)

Anyway, I kind of admire this kind of lampshade hanging; instead of a hook that just kind of looks like a drunken octopus, they've made something that looks exactly like a drunken octopus. Next step would be to nail an actual octopus to the door, but I think you'd have to have a hell of a taxidermist if you want to hang your robe off it.

All this has given me a brilliant idea for a new product, though, based on my new set of drunken octopi.

Tune in tomorrow for Drunken Octopus, part 2, and get ready to amend your Christmas list!

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