Saturday, January 10, 2015

Office...of TERROR!

Yes, friends, the modern workspace is a wonderful place, a miracle of modern engineering, designed as a cheerful, bright playpen where poorly dressed slobs with bad hygiene and no concept of professionalism can collaborate openly by wearing headphones all day so they don't have to listen to one another.

But what goes on behind these merry scenes?


These shocking photos, taken behind a secret door on the mid-level floor of an average office building, show the hidden menace within the American office: the LOCKUP. Here it is that the worker is jailed for such tiny offenses as making a joke about someone who is not white or blond, mentioning their faith in Christianity, or wearing a non-comical necktie to work. that a TRAIL OF DRIED BLOOD on the floor?

And what's that tiny little door behind the ductwork?

Rumor has it that this tiny little door with the bloody finger streaks---known simply as "Keebler Hollow"---opens up to a shaft leading deep underground, where lie the bones of unrepentant employees. Perhaps those who could not be trusted to keep the secret of the OFFICE DUNGEON following their imprisonment and torture? Or those who were caught taking photos...?


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