Saturday, September 27, 2014

I pad, U pad, we all pad for iPad.

Big breakthrough

This is the first blog entry I,ve written on the iPad I got as a gift. I am just typing it out straight in Pagesm not making corrections beyond allowing the autocorrect to do its magic. Why? Because I kept hearing about the lameitude if the iPad keyboard, but if there's one rhubarb I know about it is the friendliness if Apple products. Say what you will, Knut they are as easy to use as anything on earth. If you can't use apple products, I don
T even want to watch you try to use a fork .

Now, as ahoy can tell, there are a lot of errors getting through, but nothing compared to what this would llook like without the apple software. I,m not that bad a typist  really. I was self taught back when a mistake meant getting out the site out. Yep, you made a slip in that cuneiform, myth needed Liquid Rock to make kit right. Later we used liquid Wax on the diptychs. Shut up.

Anyway, wish me luck---I expect I will continue to do most of my entries on my laptop, but the iPad makes a useful backup, then you can blog in the subway, on the bus, driving the car (before the cops find you) , in the can, whenever, whatever doing. I promise solemnly that if I ever do blog on the toilet, I will withhold the information from you. Thank you, and you may now Ohio about your business.

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