Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Parts and their roles.

I was thinking the other day about how certain verbs are associated with certain parts of the body. Nerves are racked, hair stands on end, and so on. Of course, something stupid had to come of it, and I'm pleased to share it with you. 

Verbal Bodies (Scored for Organs)

Some bodily bits are stuck in a rut.
See how your spine always tingles?
It could jingle or jangle or mingle or mangle,
But sure as the break of your back,
The nerve will conform and become the nerve racked,
Ever neat, always sweet and compact.

The gut likes to wrench in a similar way.
It surely could demonstrate torque,
But no, the gut wrenches, at terrors and stenches,
At things you should flick off your fork.
You can kvetch and complain and go call the cops,
But it’s only a belly that flops.

Your eyes only bug and your ears only burn
And your hair never lifts, but it raises,
Your kidneys and spleen are never so keen
On such terrible public displayses.
Your teeth clench and rattle; your tongue likes to twist.
Your Islets of Langerhans never do thist.

But the heart has a number of tricks it can try. 
It aches or it stops or it pounds.
It bursts out in stages, it batters rib cages
And thunders incredible sounds,
I can't quite explain the heart's large repertoire;
Such drama just seems to thrive down in the core.

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