Friday, October 14, 2016

While walking the dog.

Some autumnal scenes while walking the big dog. The little guy is still too little to go far. Thanks to the cool weather, the big hairy guy has a new leash (har!) on life.

Here's some trees:

Nice. But you see what I meant yesterday about arboreal coordination? Some of these guys will be bald when the rest start to go. Come on, gang! Get it together!

The swamp. Kind of a stagnant pond, very popular with ducks by day, frogs by night, foxes when they want to eat ducks and frogs. 

Some kind of fall-blooming daisy. Shasta daisies, I think, based on two seconds of Google. How did we ever know anything before the Internet? 

Sorry for the crummy shot; it was early and dim and so was I. But I can tell you, that birdhouse is still nicer than my first apartment.

Some quality of grayness in an Autumn sky is a little different. Especially on a Sunday morning. It looked like a hangover.

They're grrrrrrate! This is right on the sidewalk, and Tralfaz wouldn't walk over it. I don't blame him. Once on a dare I walked over a train trestle from abandoned tracks with unsound and sometimes missing ties (which inspired a scene in my book Faster & Closer). It was scary. I can't imagine how much scarier it would be if I had hind feet that I couldn't see while walking. This could have made for a broken leg for my dog. We went into the street.

Sometimes autumn looks good just lying there.

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