Monday, October 10, 2016

Dog haiku.

Things smell different
Rain-coaxed new scents blossoming
Papa's getting soaked

Throw the ball, fetch it
Throw the ball, fetch it again
Throw the--oh, skip it

I must bite my leash
You won't let me run amok
Take that, leash! Bite! Bite!

Hey! It's a squirrel!
Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! Hey!
Damn! It got away!

Think I gotta poop
No one here to take me out
This could get ugly

The bowl is empty
No, that's okay, I don't mind
I'll just whine and whine

No, it was not I
That chewed the sofa cushions
I suspect the fish

Man from UPS
Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark
There---showed him who's boss

I learned not to jump
To sit, to stay, and to heel
I'm a PhD

Ran around and played
Walked and pooped and smelled the world
It's been a great day

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