Thursday, October 13, 2016

Coordinating trees.

I've written before about the difficulty of judging peak leaf day here in the Hudson Valley---or for that matter anywhere where there are deciduous trees in significant masses.

The problem is that we can't get the guys all together out there. Some trees start losing their leaves as early as August. August! Then what do you have come the latter part of October? Nature's glory on 85% of the trees, 7% still clinging to green like a deluded dowager, 8% naked like some old fart who gave up entirely.

I think we need to get nature's act together here so that we know where we are. Here's my suggested schedule for the month of October:

Pretty straightforward, right? Good for the tourist trade. Makes it a lot easier for people who want to get out of town and look at leaves. Helps the yardwork industry; they know that they won't need to swing by Home Depot and fill the truck with workers until Halloween. You know where you are with a schedule like this.

So what do you say, nature? Let's get it together out there!

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