Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dog decor.

It happens to parents, and it happens to dog owners: That moment when you realize you're never going to have a clean house again. 

"We should vacuum in here today," I muttered yesterday morning, looking at the carpet in the family room, which is covered in a thick coating of dog hair, combined with some grass clipping and bits from dog biscuits. That statement, "We should vacuum in here today," sounded very familiar, and it struck me that my wife had said those exact words two days ago, and we had vacuumed, and here we were again. 

In fact, "We should vacuum in here today" may have become the most common statement of more than two words in our house. In fact, I suggested my wife consider making a sampler with that theme for the empty back wall. 

We probably could sell the pattern.

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