Friday, April 8, 2016



Please fill out the following questionnaire as part of your annual evaluation. Be complete, providing specific examples wherever possible. Your manager will discuss these issues with you during your evaluation.

NAME:  Jesse Spunt

DEPARTMENT: Measleyville Snails class A ballclub

POSITION: shortstop/utility infldr

What do you consider to be your primary job accomplishments since your last review?

i caught a lot of baseballs then threw them to the apropriat bases 

What are your areas of strengths? Areas needing improvement?

 .9861 fielding perc but .186 BA

What goals do you wish you had accomplished since your last performance evaluation, but did not?

 i wish i had got more hits but i didnt altho i'm working with coach sam who says if i crouch more and stop swinging at every goddam thing that comes my way i can work out more walks

Are there any changes that could be made to improve your effectiveness?

kinda wish coach sam wouldnt yell so much. also that stupid team mascot gnarly sgnail is always rippin on me  

Determine the components of your job that you would you like to change or eliminate. Why should they be eliminated?

 i wish the leage had a DH for shortstops (no thats a joke). maybe if the umps would start cutting me some slack once in a friggin while i could focus on making contact and people would notice my fielding more

How would you assess communication within your department? How well informed are you of the information necessary to perform your duties efficiently?

 coach sam sure does know how to communicate if by that you mean we can all hear him anywhere he is b/c he screams like a mother all the time, so i guess there is good communication from the top. when jose campo was running in from left field for a flyball that was obviously mine and i was backing up for it and he cleaned my clock and two runs scored? that communication was not so goddam good. and that stupid gnarly sgnail doesnt say anything but if i strike out he wiggles his butt and pretends to swing and miss and i know he does not do that to all the other guys. hector's BA is about as bad as mine but he could beat the crap out of anyone so the snail leaves him alone

What are your long-range career objectives? How do you plan to accomplish these objectives?

 i want to hit more baseballs and reach base safely more often and i want to keep improving on catching and throwing balls to the right bases (see that FP: .9861!)

What goals would you be interested in working toward between now and the next performance evaluation?

 i woudl like to hit more baseballs and reach base safely more than i currently do and i would like to continue doing a great job fielding (.9861!) for the snails or even a team higher up in the systum if that is a possibillity

Do you have any other comments you would like management to consider going forward?

i think if i could get enough at-bats i would prove to be a valuble asset to this baseball team and make everyone proud thank you. and i would like to kick that snail's ass if i could get a chance to catch him off the field

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