Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Give the Gift of Fred.

Hello out there, blog viewers! Yes sirree, with just 24 shopping days until Christmas, we know that time is burning our butts like the Grinch caught in a chimney while Cindy Lou Who drops the Ignite-O on the Duraflames. What can you possibly get for those friends, relatives, and random strangers that will bring joy and meaning to their lives this holiday season?

Well, why not the gift that keeps on giving? Why not the Gift of Fred?

Suppose you decide to surprise said giftee with a new Kindle, or iPad, or Nook, or Android, or something else like that. Wouldn't it be nice to load a couple of Fred Key original novels on that thing? Think of the hours of happiness they will have reading Fred's books while they should be working or doing chores! Doesn't get more life-affirming than that!

What kind of books? Well, if the person needs a good laugh---going for gastric bypass after New Year's to get rid of the accumulated fruitcake, say---one of Fred's comedies could be just right. MacFinster and the sequel MacFinster II are just what the doctor ordered. The patient can join Rex MacFinster and his best pal Darmo in their wacky adventures in Measleyville.

You say your giftee is a nerd, a dork, a geek, or something along those lines? Then a fantasy adventure like Larry and the Mascots could be the ticket. Larry is a quiet college student trying to mind his own business, which becomes difficult when he is flung off the dorm roof. Who did that? How does he survive? And why is there a talking oven mitt flying around? Before long Larry is deeply involved with a crew of living advertising mascots. Where did they come from? What do they want? And are they part of this complete breakfast?

You want more nerd lit? Cobalt Agonistes tells the tale of Gary, whose former best friend is marrying his former girlfriend, and Cobalt, the armor-clad superhero who is Gary's alter ego. Very different men on very different paths---but both leading to very dangerous places.

But what about Mom? She only likes realistic stories. Hey, Fred's got you covered! Faster & Closer is the story of a town and three of its citizens who are each facing dire crises. As each carves a path through failure, deceit, familial conflict, and moral dilemmas, their paths intersecting with each other's and those of many other interesting characters, decisions are made, promises are broken or kept, and the drama plays out on the future of their beloved hometown. And all of them find that, like an onrushing train, life coming at you is faster and closer than it appears.

So make someone on your list happy when he or she opens the gift of Fred this Christmas morning! Thanks for listening, friends!

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