Thursday, December 17, 2015

Air chocolate!

In my unending quest for things I shouldn't eat, I came across this little beauty, not normally seen in our great land:

The Nestle Aero is a candy bar with an interesting history. Originally manufactured 80 years ago in the UK by Rowntree's, the Aero has bubbles in it. Aero bars are big in Canada and Japan, Australia and South Africa, but have never gotten distribution here. The one I got is a mint Aero from Canada, no doubt smuggled in by Bothans sneaking over the border.

(Not true---but Salman Rushdie, when he was an advertising writer, came up with a catchword for the Aero in Australia, calling it "Adorabubble." And that is true.)

Although Aeros were originally flat, this one has a curious bubbly shape---a little weird, almost sensual.

But as always, it's what's inside that counts:

That's the air bubbles in a wholly artificially colored minty green filling.

The filling is tasty, the chocolate rich---really, a very nice treat. I know shelf space is always at a premium, but I encourage Nestle to find a way to get the Aero to Americans at large. And let's try some of the weird foreign flavors, like Vanilla Milkshake and Green Tea (Japan), Vanilla Yoghurt (Canada), Latte (UK), and Cappuccino (South Africa).

This can be done through legal channels, I'm sure. We can't rely on Bothans to do all the heavy lifting.

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