Saturday, April 11, 2015

Batdog and robin.

As I've mentioned in the past, my dog wants to play with every living creature he encounters. Pedestrians on our block, other dogs, joggers, rabbits, squirrels... Our trips to the vet for antibiotics reveal that he does not even shun the lowly bacterium.

He also wants to make friends with birds, but it does not appear that the feeling of good fellowship is mutual. I have told him in the past that any bird you can catch is a bird you do not want to contact, but he doesn't understand. Or maybe he's hoping to get some of their bacteria to add to his collection. (He does enjoy their poop. Either way, he chases, they fly off. You can't just go up to a bird and grab it. Well, except for the Dodo, and look what happened to him.

Even our local fat li'l robin is too quick for any dogs, especially large, lumbering ones like Tralfaz.

I've also noted that Tralfaz would do very well in a live-action Batman film that needed someone to play Ace the Bat-Hound. He's large and intimidating to people who don't know that his goal in life is to lick people and acquire belly rubs. Or perhaps that's just his mild-mannered secret identity.

So maybe he's looking for a Robin of his own.

Batdog and Robin, with Robin played by an actual robin, sounds like a good addition to the next Batman movie. Can you honestly say it would have made the George Clooney film Batman & Robin worse?

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