Friday, February 13, 2015

Perfect for high-speed chases in those hard-to-reach places.

New pilot program vehicle from the NYPD:


Kind of cuts down on the intimidation factor, doesn't it?

"Sir, do you know how fast you were going?"

"Well, if you caught me in that thing, I'd guess about...12?"

Hey, I like the Smart well enough. I think they look like fun to drive. I'd be afraid of actually driving one on the highway, or in a stiff breeze, but I enjoy when others drive them. I always hope to see one park and 23 clowns spill out. When a friend of my wife's heard they were made by Mercedes Benz, he started to call them the Mer.

New York's CBS station says that "The NYPD has begun a smart car pilot program where Mercedes Benz vehicles will be used in Central Park, parking enforcement and school safety divisions. The department wants to phase out scooters and use more smart cars because of their features like air bags and air conditioning."

I don't know; I think even scooters have more machismo. Batman would rather zip up on his Batscooter or even his Bat Mall Cop Segway than pull up in the Bat Mer.

What if they have to arrest someone? What are they going to do, strap him to the roof?

"This is Officer Blart; we have a suspect in custody, send backup."

"Oh, you're on the scooter, Blart?"

"No, we have the Smart car."

"You have a car? Haul him in yourself."

"No, I... er, it's not that kind of car."

"We're busy. You got four wheels? Handle it, Blart."

The little thing supposedly can go 100 mph, so in theory you could have a high-speed chase. I'm just imagining a fleet of these in hot pursuit of O.J. All doing 45.

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