Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dog blues.

I was born just one of eight
Dropped at once, maw couldn't wait
She couldn't put clothes on my back
But I was loyal to the pack

My papa was a lazy slob
Makin' puppies was his job
He wasn't workin' like a dog
Jus' lay there like a hick'ry log

It's a dog's life
Ain't no denyin'
It's a dog's life
Ain't no point in cryin'

If not for fleas I'd be alone
Looks like I'm down to the bone
The Man wants me to up 'n beg
He can go an' hump my leg

Sometimes my spirits get to saggin'
But I look back and my tail's waggin'
Get my bowl an' turn the spigot
Life is tough but I can dig it

It's a dog's life
That's why I wail
It's a dog's life
Jus' chasin' my tail

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