Friday, December 4, 2015


Was in a big fat funk all morning yesterday. Should have been able to shake it. There was work to do, and when I'm in good spirits I can get a lot of work done. But all I wanted to do was sleep on the sofa or perhaps under it. Could not put my finger on what was bothering me.

Talked to my wife, who is a perfect angel. Came to realize it was the horrific shootings in San Bernardino that had gotten me so depressed---the shootings and the disgusting reactions by the political class while it was still going on; the shootings and the revolting display on the poorly named "social" media.

President Togetherness was using the attack to attack fellow Americans while the manhunt was continuing, while the murder victims were still warm. Way to keep the citizenry calm in a crisis, jackass. If Iran nukes us he'll be blaming the Republicans while the mushroom cloud is still forming over New York.

It's just more Republican obstruction.
(Thanks to the Great Lileks for the image.)  
The president and those like him only value Americans who fight other Americans, have you noticed that? Enemies of America are ignored like slightly annoying neighbors, but it's YOU, American, who are the problem. This is true every day, all the time.

I have resigned myself to starting a new group called Al-Amerinon. We cannot reform America; our love is not enough. It is spending itself into oblivion; it is wholly run by a corrupt class of creeps who, despite enriching themselves by shoving their snouts deep in the public trough and selling connections---people being the only thing that they know---think they are superior in some way to the rest of us. It cannot win wars, cannot protect borders, cannot dispense justice fairly, cannot follow its own laws, cannot in short do anything a nation is supposed to do for its citizens.

We must separate with love, or we are doomed. Actually, we're probably doomed anyway, but at least it won't hurt so much.

We're done. Trump can't save us. Probably no one can. And don't look at me. I'll be under the couch.


Stiiv said...

Is it a big couch, Fred? Is there room for me under there? Although I don't think Allentown is on the terrorist target list...

I find myself laughing less & less at the survivalists out there.

Fred Key said...

Agreed -- maybe we should start a Big Couch Construction Company. Might be a lot of takers.