Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas greenery.

Not the kind of greenery I would expect in December in New York:

The lawn! A little like creamed spinach, isn't it?

The grass looks greener now than it did in August. Of course, in August it generally looks like toast.

Oh, no! Green grass in December? It's global warming! We're all gonna die!

December has been very pleasant this year. We call it payback. Let me remind you what November 28, 2014, looked like in these parts:

For the record, it appeared last Thanksgiving that we were about to be thrust upon the sharp point of the ice age in which we are currently living.

We're in an ice age?

It came as a surprise to me, too, although less so last winter when I was walking the dog in January. Yes, geologists (or whoever says these things) say we are living in the lull of an ice age, what is called an interglacial period.

You know what this means? We have got to have more global warming. We can survive a couple of degrees more warmth; we can't survive mile-high glaciers. We'll all die and the mammoths will come back. So burn more trees! Burn more gasoline! It's your duty to mankind!

You! You with the solar panels! What do you think you are doing? Do you want the mammoths to win?

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