Thursday, October 29, 2015

Road hog.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a concept vehicle in Japan called the Luxury Autonopod; it's a luxury automobile that can drive itself when you desire it to. Not that I'm in the market, personally; I'm capable of self-driving at all times, and I'm not really quite in that luxury car demo at this stage of my life. Put it this way: To me, a full-size spare is decadence.

Car and Driver cheered over this thing; while conceding it was rather breadboxy, they said, "Passengers enter through the left side of the vehicle, which swings open in a move that makes the Tesla Model X's 'falcon doors' look downright conventional. Giant, 26-inch wheels and whimsical light effects on the grille, wheels, and rear window complete the futuristic appearance."

Futuristic? I guess.

Made me think of something else, actually:

Although it made my wife think of this:

Dr. Strangepork, call your office.

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