Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring and fall.

Spring has spring
The grass is green
Except for where
The dog's been peein'

(Names below have been changed to protect people who might be ashamed to have to admit they know me.)

Yesterday, Divine Mercy Sunday, was a merciful day in several ways. One was the spectacular June-like weather that descended on us. It started cold---Tralfaz's first run required the winter coat; the mid-morning called for a heavy jacket; at late morning, the light golf jacket. The whole neighborhood was out of doors in the afternoon, and T-shirts were the order of the day.

But by then, I was a little too stunned to enjoy it.

When I heard that morning that Pete had died, I was not surprised, just sad. Pete had been ill for a while. He'd had a serious blood disorder that could have killed him, except that its main danger was that it was preventing him from being able to receive the chemotherapy for the cancer that was indeed killing him. I'd seen him at the church on Tuesday and he looked rough, but the word was the blood problem was under control and he was about to begin chemo.

Never got the chance. Collapsed in the doctor's waiting room. Never regained consciousness.

Paul did not come to the church as expected on Tuesday, and I heard he'd hurt his shoulder playing tennis. Paul was born some years earlier than Pete, and even more before me, but unlike Pete or me he took good care of himself.

So when the massive heart attack carried him off, I had to wonder if heart failure was the actual source of the shoulder pain he'd been feeling.

Two men I'd known for a decade, gone within hours; one expected, one completely unexpected. Pete never took care of himself, and Paul did; Paul lived longer for it, and in a lot less fear of his health. But in the end, every one of us has to leave.

You just never know---everyone says that because everyone knows it's true.

When I pray for my friends, I always ask God to bless them all, and particularly the ones who need it the most. We never know who needs help the most. They never know who needs help the most.

And I certainly ask that God have mercy on them on Divine Mercy Sunday. Probably about as good a day to die as there is.

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