Monday, October 13, 2014

Rally the Italians.

A couple of years back I wrote about Columbus Day, and how the sickly disease of political correctness---that pale, miserable monster that creeps up in the old guise of fellowship and fairness and respect, but its black heart is bent on hatred and destruction---is ruining it.

As I noted, someone from Europe would have eventually made it to the New World. Columbus was the one who had the smarts and the bravery to do it. I think those dummies in Seattle who have turned this into Indigenous Peoples' Day think there should have been some gigantic ocean barrier keeping Europeans out. It must be nice to live in their world.

Anyway, as I wrote, the European man who made it to this hemisphere
have had to have been someone as clever at navigation as he was at promotion, someone as brave as a barrel of sharks, someone with enough charisma to keep a small fleet intact on a voyage that could be straight to hell for all anyone knew, a voyage that by anyone’s estimation was not exactly a Carnival cruise, then go back, and then do the round-trip again, three more times in all. For most of my life people have been down on Christopher Columbus, but by God the man had more guts than any next thousand guys you meet. 
And that's a fact. The Seattle City Council did not create this holiday, nor did any other government; it was created by proud Italians who came to our shores to seek a better life. No lickspittle government highbinder has the right to take this day away from our proud Italian citizens.

I call on Italian Americans to rally in defense of Christopher Columbus today. Demand recognition of his courage, his brilliance. Insist that European civilization was not the endless horror show that its foes like to portray. Threaten to go on strike if this PC garbage continues to insult you and your ancestors. You don't have to obey this academic nonsense. Get some respect!

No justice, no pizza!
UPDATE: The Great Harvey of IMAO sez: 
I’ll ask, since no one else will: if indigenous people are so awesome, how come they didn’t discover Europe?

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