Sunday, October 5, 2014

iBig news.

All day long people come up to me on the street and say, "Fred, why aren't your fantastic books available on iBooks, the new book software that Apple is cramming down our throats?" And I tell them, "Please, people, you may be imaginary but you're still obstructing my reflection in this shop window. As for your silly question, the answer is: Pretty durn soon!"

And they say, "Why are you out on the street all day? Don't you have a home to go to?" And I say, "Beat it! The pink elephants are getting annoyed."

Most people know that movies open on Fridays, except that they sometimes come out on Wednesdays, unless they open on holidays. But no one not in the book business is aware that new book releases come out on Tuesdays. This is another thing that ePublishing has monkeyed with. While paper books still come out on Tuesdays, eBooks can be posted anytime. Between that and the much lower labor costs and much, much lower materials costs involved, there's no restriction on when eBooks can be published, and consequently no set dates on which they must be released. In other words, I have not yet been given an exact date for the arrival of my books on Apple's iBooks. You'll know when I know.

Anyway, I am happy that they'll be available on another platform, and I hope it's useful to you. Also, note that the publisher says he is planning to jack up the price in the next few months. My advice is to buy them all now and read them fast, just in case ISIS uses a nuke to cause a massive EMP over your house and destroy all your electronics. At least you'll have your memories.

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