Friday, May 30, 2014

Snotty picture of the day.

Piles of garbage outside the High School for Environmental Studies. I'll bet you had no idea that New York City even had such a thing, did you?

The school, I mean. Not the garbage. I'm sure you knew New York City had garage.

Now, this is totally unfair of me, I know. Every enterprise has to make some garbage, and it's entirely possible that their flawless recycling program keeps the school from generating vast Dumpsters full of trash. Hell, this may not even be their garbage; it's outside the building, but it's not like there's a name on it.

But here's the thing: When graduates of schools like this decide to go on a crusade, do you think the fairness behind their "photographic evidence" matters? Because I don't. A school dedicated to a cause that does not itself include concepts of truth and fairness will subsume those virtues in pursuit of their main goal.*

And the next thing you know you are washing out pizza boxes under force of law.

*Hmm...might I be thinking about something like the École nationale d'administration? Could be!

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