Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oui? Yo!

I've been doing product reviews lately because I'm the main shopper in the family and I think about stuff at the store too much. My reviews seem to be well received, though, so I've thought sometimes that I should have just started a food review blog. 

This week I tried a new yogurt by Yoplait called Oui

Neat how they make it look like the flavor is written on the label by hand, isn't it?

But the label is only the second thing we notice about Oui. The first is the fact that it comes in neat little glass jars, like fancy French hotel preserves. When was the last time I saw yogurt packaged this way? How about never? And I'm old enough to remember the cardboard disks on Dannon lids. Oui's lid is a heavy foil; more on that later.

The label says it's French style yogurt, which seems at first like a worthy addition to the Greek and Australian yogurts, the kefirs and quarks, the mix-ins and custard-styles, the almond yogurt and frozen yogurt that we've been consuming. But wait -- isn't French yogurt what we were consuming all along? When the only games in town were outfits like Yoplait and Dannon, two very Frenchy companies? Okay, so maybe that's not so exciting.

But is the Oui exciting? I found it to be very good, rich and creamy, the fruit flavorful and not too sweet. I tried the lemon and blueberry; it also comes in plain, coconut, peach, vanilla, blackberry, and strawberry.

Strangely, I had trouble with the foil lid on the lemon one. It got glued on so tight that it would not peel off the rim. A small knife provided access easily, though.

So it's good, but does the glass pot (as Yoplait calls it) mean it's really pricey? Well, this week Shoprite has it on sale for $1.25 each; regular Yoplait is 89 cents. So, it's definitely more expensive than regular Yoplait, but not as costly as some of the Greek yogurts we're obsessed with now. Anyway, I had coupons, which brought Oui down to typical yogurt price.

I think it would definitely be worth the money if you were including a bunch of them in a big bowl of ice for a fancy breakfast buffet. Or if you were running a hotel, and provided Oui for room service at $5 a pop. At least your guest would get a keepsake votive holder out of it. If they can get the foil off.

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