Thursday, November 17, 2016

Start decorating!

 Okay, gang, today it's one week to Thanksgiving! Time to get those turkey lights up! 

Well, that was my suggestion a couple of years ago, bemoaning that we have a lot of lights for Christmas and now even Halloween, but the month in between, which happens to be the darkest of the year, has got no lights. 

Thanksgiving is one of our most-observed holidays---maybe the most observed one, as it is universal to all Americans regardless of faith (or even lack thereof). And yet we have very few books, films, or decorations centered on the day, relative to other major holidays. 

I guess we don't need lights per se, but I'm always happy to see dedicated Thanksgiving decorations. Most of the ones I do see around are generic autumn decorations (wreaths of fall leaves, gourds, scarecrows) and some leftover Halloween stuff. What I'm really looking for is something like this:

Yes! The turkey in a Pilgrim hat! Right on, brother!

This turkey looks to me like he's leaning over the fence to say hi. Some might say he is trying to escape the yard. I say he's just happy to be a decoration. And made of wood. So he won't be eaten.

I have a scarecrow-type guy on the door with a sign that says "Give Thanks," and a couple of things inside the house, but not much. I feel like I ought to have a giant inflatable Pilgrim. And oh my yes they do make such things, and plenty more as well.

In that spirit, we will be indeed be using the massive Fred parade balloon again this year. Since it was not in the parade last year we tethered it to the porch, which resulted in some structural damage. So it'll be out on the deck this year.

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