Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My fellow Americans...

Pretty stunned this morning.

How stunned?

That stunned.

I usually do a draft of this blog the night before, or at least an outline of what I want to write about. I have had to throw out my concession piece and instead write a consolation speech to my friends who supported the losing candidate.

Look, either Donald or Hillary was going to be a lousy president in all likelihood. We've had a lot of lousy presidents in our past and survived them. We had a whole string leading up to the Civil War. Okay, maybe that's not so consoling.

These days the president had much more opportunity to perform mischief in the lives of regular Americans than in the past. Also not too consoling.

The chair was going to be sullied again anyway. Those who thought that it would take an ass to beat an ass may have won a Pyrrhic victory. Those who said "Anybody But Clinton" got what they desired.

I stand by what I wrote the other day, that there were good and legitimate reasons to vote for Trump or at least against Clinton. If nothing else, it gave the media a pie in the face, and everyone needs one of those once in a while. Their confident predictions of a Trump loss show that hubris and Nemesis have worked their usual magic.

I hope that Trump will be a good president for all Americans. I wish the presidency was not so important in our lives. I hope the next election will not be between two people who are famous for celebrity, famous for famousness, but between two serious people with some humility and a good temperament for the office. That was not going to happen this time.

So God bless America, and let's face the day with courage and confidence. We'll need both.

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