Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Need to calm down.

So, how're things?

I know I get way too wrapped up in stuff that I can do nothing about. I also have read way too much science fiction and comic books in my life, and movie makers really enjoy blowing stuff up these days.

Which is why the other night I was jolted awake during a very odd dream. Usually my dreams follow predictable patterns---I'm either in a hotel or office, it's always work-related, I'm either not where I'm supposed to be or just vaguely aware that I'm expected someplace, blah blah blah. The scenery changes but the plot is about the same.

The other night, though, I dreamed that disaster had struck---we knew it was the end. I mean The End. I must have read once about the enormous wind caused by a nuclear blast, because in my dream such a wind suddenly sundered our house from its foundation. I was with my childhood family (some are no longer with us in real life) and instead of my two dogs there were four, but we were together in one room. Outside the window the scenery was rushing by at an enormous clip. We clutched one another's hands; I turned to my mother and said, "This is IT!"

We were not smashed to pieces. Rather, the house flew on until it came upon an even stretch of road that was at the same incline as the sundered base. We skidded along the road for quite some time until we ground to a halt. We had survived.

But I knew that civilization, and very much of the world, all was gone. There would be no help. I said, "We can't even feed the dogs, let alone ourselves." And I was very upset that we hadn't been killed quickly, but would instead have to struggle on until we died slowly.

That startled me awake.

I've never had a dream like that before, not even in the "shelter drill" era, not even after escaping Manhattan on 9/11. I don't think it's prophetic, but I think it shows a momentary ramp-up of my current anxiety over the nation and the world.

Perhaps I need more prayer. Or maybe some medication.

Anyway, the next night I was in a hotel on a business trip and had a suitcase full of inappropriate clothes, so my dreams were back to normal.

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