Saturday, May 2, 2015

Coconut and Peanuts.

Back in the early days of Peanuts, Charlie Brown et al could often be found enjoying a sack full of mixed candy. Chocolate creams were the fave... but coconut was the antithesis of all things enjoyable.

I too for many years found coconut to be the enemy of good candy. I could endure it to get to the chocolate in an Almond Joy or Mounds or some such, but it required a manly, rugged endurance.

However, I find that I've come to like coconut sometimes. So much so that when I spotted this unusual treat up here at the Tractor Supply Company ("Making Southern Things Acceptable to Northerners Since 1938"), I knew I had my next episode of Things I Should Not Eat.

Yes, it's the poorly photographed, Neapolitan ice cream inspired Supreme Coconut Bar!

The Supreme Coconut Bar is the gift to the world from Macon, Georgia's Crown Candy Corporation, chosen just days ago as a Georgia "Face of Manufacturing." Crown claims to be one of the largest manufacturers of coconut candy worldwide.

How was it? Well, pace Charlie Brown and Snoopy, it was good. The flavors were not strong, but nor were they phony and weird, despite the use of artificial flavors and colors. The coconut was mild, well prepared, and smooth. I would indeed buy this candy again.

So there you have it: Coconut candy is okay! Anything with enough sugar in it has a chance in my book, anyhow.

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