Friday, October 3, 2014

It's coming....

Picture taken in my local Walmart garden center, last Saturday, the 27th of September:

When I worked in magazines, we were pretty much done with Christmas by September. Our December issues had to be out the door by Labor Day. We'd had holiday cheer out the bazooty. "Enough with the Christmas!" was our collective cry/whine. But that's the way it goes.

I remember one coworker suddenly singing Christmas carols at an inappropriate time of year because of this. Another woman said, "I can't believe you're singing holiday songs!" She replied, "Christmas isn't just once a year! It lives in your heart all the time!"

It was one of your more amusing office spats.

Anyway, There's no reason Christmas has to be in the stores three months early. Christmas was on us six months early because it was part of the job. Walmart just wants to be first off the blocks. It gets old fast, man.

Up at the North Pole, they never stop. They're probably working on Christmas 2015 now. Those elves are monsters for work.

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