Sunday, August 17, 2014

Look up!

Friday morning was as gorgeous a summer morning as you will ever see in New York. 

By mid-August we're usually ready to die, or kill someone, or at least move in with Santa Claus so we never have to endure blistering heat and swampy humidity again. But these last few days have spectacular. Low humidity, pleasant temps, blue skies with puffy white clouds that only look like duckies and horsies

And within a block of the subway I almost got slammed twice, by two women staring at their phones as they walked along.

Put down the phone! Look around you! You're in one of the world's great cities on a fantastic morning! And there's trees and things! And it's FRIDAY! You can text your idiot boyfriend or crush that candy later! WAKE UUUUUP!!!!

I was never big on walking the streets with earbuds in or sunglasses on. I wanted to hear and see the things around me. There's a little self-preservation going on there---you never know what's sneaking up on you when you purposely block your senses---but there's also a lot of wonderful things to enjoy outside the self-made cocoon. 

Maybe they didn't have the Sesame Street album with "Nearly Missed"* on it:

While lookin' at my feet at a crack in the sidewalk
An old tin can by the side of the road
I nearly missed a rainbow
I nearly missed a sunset 
I nearly missed a shooting star going by

Enjoy the world around you. Or at least stop walking into me!

Susan's version, not the one Rosie O'Donnell and Elmo did before they both went insane.

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