Monday, December 12, 2016

Cards for cards.

I'm tired of mass-produced Christmas cards people cook up on Shutterfly and other outfits like that. Not that getting Christmas cards makes me sore, or that I can't bear seeing how the kids have grown or how cute your cat is in a Santa hat. Shutterfly and family photos are jake with me.

The problem is those cards that have a photo, a printed message, and an address label on the envelope. Mass-produced in the home. Not a bit of it is handwritten. I get more personal cards from my mortgage company.

What I want to see is old-fashioned cards with a pre-printed message inside and a handwritten line underneath. Here's some samples to give you the idea. (Olde Tyme illustrations courtesy of Old Christmas from the Sketch Book of Washington Irving and Gutenberg.)

Sing a song of Xmas cheer
The birth of Jesus drawing near

Hi Joe happy holidays to you hope you and the kids are ok have you find work???? ha ha ha love Geri & pete

Snow on the churchyard
Everyone is dead


Standing 'neath the mistletoe
To get kissed (if you please)
I hope it's someone that you know
 Don't catch a dread disease

Dear Barb: Saw this card and thought of you and that guy at 
Jimmy's party, Christmas '97. I still have the pictures to prove it. 
Merry Christmas, Jill

Christmas is a time of joy
For every little girl and boy
It's a time of recreation
Depending on denomination
Hey, Cuz! Me & Suze & Jimmy & Teddy & Perry & Joey & Howie & Gaston & Andy & Little Alice are planning to come to town without warning at some indeterminate time in the future and would love to stay with you! Call you when we're three miles outside city limits!
Love, Hector

On second thought, maybe the mass-produced cards aren't so bad after all.

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