Friday, September 2, 2016

The day before the day before the day before the holiday holiday.

Tired of working? Ready for a holiday? Boy howdy! Me too! I must've moved a thousand pixels all on my own yesterday!

Unfortunately I no longer work in an office, so I can't whine about wanting to get away early until my boss throws me out at noon just to shut me up. I mean, I can whine, but it doesn't matter. Hey, maybe it'll work for you! Go for it!

Time was, getting a holiday with pay was awesome enough. Then we had to demand a half day on the Friday beforehand. This was understandable in Manhattan, since Friday's getaway traffic from Manhattan is horrible every week; it's worse in the summer; it is much worse on the Friday of a holiday weekend (Memorial, Labor, and sometimes Independence). That's got to be true for all cities, but as Manhattan is an island, there are only so many means of egress available, and they all get blocked solid as a heroin addict on an all-cheese diet. Even when I worked in Westchester, I would leave work on Friday and join the mass Manhattan exodus already in progress.

A lot of people won't want to come in at all, turning Friday into an extra holiday.

Personally, I liked to go in the Friday of a three-day weekend. I got credit for a full day even though we closed early. And with so many people out, I could actually get things done uninterrupted. Then I could leave early, even if it was after the rest of the token crew fled. As long as I was taking public transportation out of that overcrowded sweatbox of an island, it was smooth sailing.

Now, being self-employed, I'm stuck here. How can I knock off early when I get paid by the amount I produce? I have a deadline Tuesday that will probably require my working a good hunk of the weekend.

And I can't look forward to going home---I am home!

Hey, that's right---I am home!

Well, Tuesday's not for several days. Sounds like nap time to me! Enjoy your Friday; hope they let you go early!

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