Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring training injuries.

It's here! The Mets' first Spring Training game is today! Join us on this first leg of our journey as we follow our pennant-winning season with a second- or third-place finish! 

Of course, when you're a Mets fan you totally expect your stars to suffer season-ending injuries before Opening Day. Fortunately, for minor injuries, we have these! 

Yes, the dollar store provided me with these Mets-themed bandages, complete with Mets logo and Mr. Met on the box. Don't you feel better just looking at Mr. Met? I always do.

Teresa Taylor makes all kind of healthcare products, and they don't just do Mets products, they do all MLB teams. Although looking at the company Web site makes you think Ms. Taylor likes the Mets just a liiiiittle bit more.

Anyway, these are really good adhesive bandages, with lots of stick and a good seal. I'm sure they use these down in the Mets clubhouse. Not sure they'll be particularly helpful when Matt Harvey's arm falls off right after he signs a long-term contract. (Sorry, but that's how it goes. Forget it, Matt; it's Metstown.)


THRILLING UPDATE: Still sick. Day three. I don't think it's a virus that turns you into a zombie; just one that makes you feel like a zombie. Without the, you know, cranial cravings. Naturally I have an enormous project with a deadline that positively must be met tomorrow. Blarg.

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