Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hey, bud!

Short one today -- company's a-comin' and the house is a wreck. Literally a wreck; storm blew through and took off the roof, then lightning struck and burned the rest down.

No, it's not actually a wreck, but if that had happened it would be better in one way -- we would not be blamed for the state of the house.

So, yes, some heavy housekeeping is being done. But I don't mind. Why? Spring is in the air! The grass is starting to green! The birds are coming back! The daffodils are awakening! The clocks are leaping ahead tonight like playful gazelles!

And this bud's for you.
When my exposure to nature was limited to whatever was between my home and my office -- before we got the dog, in other words -- I never realized how far behind the deciduous trees lagged in this whole spring thing. All of the rest of nature was bursting out in joy, and the trees looked like a pile of coat hangers.

It's still true for many of them. Mine loll about doing nothing until May. But some early risers are on the move, and the tree pictured above, bristling with buds, is one of them. Belongs to a guy up the street who has better trees. I'm not jealous, I'm not!

Anyway, back to work. If you know where I live and you see clouds of smoke coming out the windows, don't worry. It's not smoke. It's just dust. Company's due at four, you know.

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