Monday, July 13, 2015

Good news and delayed gratification news.

The delayed gratification news first: The new novel, MacFinster II: MacFinster's Folly, is still not available on iBooks.

But it will be! I promise!

Now, I know this is a crushing blow to those of you who are Mac aficionados; you may even think I am some PC fanatic, opposed to Macs and discriminating against their owners. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, I use an iPad and an iPhone, although I use an excellent-ish PC for work. (The -ish because the "pointing device"---mouse pad---bites so hard it could break steel.) (And I've made peace with Windows 8, although we'll never be friends.)

There is good news, however. With the latest iteration of the iBooks software, books previously only accessible through the iBooks app on the iPad can now be accessed on the iPhone. So my first four books (MacFinster, Faster & Closer, Cobalt Agonistes, and Larry & the Mascots) can now be on your phone, ready for you to read when you're not crushing candy, ordering pizza, or using Siri to settle bar bets. (Like, "I'll bet you can't get Siri to answer a question in a useful manner!")

And actually, if you download free Kindle software for your iPad or iPhone, you can get my new book right away. Of course, you may think that is redundant since Apple forced---uh, gifted you with the iBooks software; why have two book apps on your device? I do, but I'm in the business. Anyway, it's one answer, and I think it proves that the news isn't all bad.

In fact, if you do buy the new book, or any of the others, I'd say the day has turned out to be pretty darned good all around! And I'll even say THANKS!

Not bad for a Monday after all, huh?

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